10:00 – 11:00
Registration & Networking Coffee
Opening remarks from the convener and welcome address
Mr. Arif Siddiqui – Founder – Coign Consulting
11:30 – 11:45
Industry Report Launch by Knight Frank
Dr. Samantak Das, Chief Economist and National Director-Research
11:45 KEY NOTE: Discussing and deliberating the potential opportunities and challenges in the current supply chain sector – the impact of the current market and the opportunist future.

What is the current status of the sector? How much growth is expected in the next decade? What are the key boosters for the desired growth? What new opportunities can be explored to accelerate the growth?
• Mr. Anshul Singhal – CEO – Embassy Industrial Parks
• Mr. Zubin Poonawalla – VP – DelEx Cargo India

• Mr. P.S.S. Prasad – President – Apollo Logisolutions Ltd.
12:30 KEY NOTE: Deliberate on the growth impediments in the sectors and ways to resolve these boulders.

What are the ways to overcome business issues including skill shortage, shrinking bottom line, investments in up-gradation? What are the regulatory issues faced by the sector today? What could be the implication of these challenges on the ongoing growth? What are the immediate steps required to overcome these challenges?

• Mr. Prahlad Tanwar – Director Transport & Logistics – KPMG
13:05 Case Study Led Presentation: Logistics as a Growth Enabler in the Retail Industry – Presentation by IKEA
• Ms. Kavitha Rao – Country Logistics Manager, India – IKEA India Pvt. Ltd.
• Mr. Bimal Patel – Distribution Establishment Manager, India – IKEA India Pvt. Ltd.
13:30 Networking Lunch
14:30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Understanding the potential and current impact of the Make in India Manufacturing Push on the supply chain sector

The Make in India program of central government is to provide the necessary push to local manufacturing to boost up exports and cut down on imports. What is the impact of this initiative on current supply chain sector? Is it time to up the game in terms of infrastructure, automation and IT?
15:15 PANEL DISCUSSION: On-line retail: The new opportunity for supply chain and the challenges

The growing model of online shopping has been catching up very fast. With the vast circulation of products and a deadline to meet, is there any need to develop a specialized supply chain process for Just-In-Time performance? What are the changes required in an existing distribution chain to adapt to e-retail logistics?

• Mr. Anil Chinnabhandar – VP Supply Chain – Landmark Group – Max Retail Division
• Mr. Uttam Thakur – Head Supply Chain – Jade E-services Pvt. Ltd.
• Mr. Shreyas Malkan – Founder and CEO – Passion for Logistics
16:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: New opportunities demand new technology in developing infrastructure

Warehousing is no more just the storage space. The strategic importance of warehousing in supply chain has made it imperative to design and construct the facility in accordance with the international standards. Important elements including PEB, flooring and storage have to be in line with the usage of the distribution centers. What are the latest technological offerings to make a world-class warehouse?

• Design and Planning Parameters – Mr. Arif Siddiqui – Founder – Coign Consulting
• Flooring Solutions – Mr. Navneet Narayan, Technical Manager, Bekaert
• Storage/ Automation Solutions – Mr. Ganesh Raghavan – Business Head – Godrej Efacec Automation and Robotics Ltd.
16:45 Networking Tea & Coffee
17:00 CASE STUDY: Importance of efficient floor management in warehouse operations

The use of WMS holds the key to smooth warehouse operation in future. Inventory control, client reporting and other allied benefits are the pre-requisites for any multinational to hire a warehouse. What is the importance of adopting new technology and what difference would it make to invest in these technologies?

17:15 Case Study Led Presentation: By Hitech Robotic Systemz
Remarks by convener and closing of day 1 of conference
Cocktail Reception


09:45 Networking Coffee
10:15 Opening remarks from the Conference Convener
10:30 CASE STUDY: Setting up of distribution network for an e-commerce company

Adapting the existing supply chain network is already discussed on Day 1. Here we have a professional who would present a case study to set up a new distribution network for an e-retail company with a practical case study followed by Q&A.

• Mr. Sandeep Padoshi – Cofounder and Director – WOW Express
11:15 PANEL DISCUSSION: Developing skilled human resource for the sector

Supply chain is people’s business and requires human interface at all stages to carry it out efficiently. One of the biggest challenges faced by the sector to get skilled human resources to fulfill demands of each role in the organization. What are different ways to overcome this big challenge? How on-the-job training could help business mitigate this challenge? What are the industry best practices to invest in people and reduce operational issues in running a successful supply chain business?

• Capt. Ramanujam – CEO – Logistics Skill Council India
• Mr. Ajay Chopra – Advisor to Chairman – Bahwan Group; Former CEO and Whole time Director – DIESL
12:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: High volume, timely delivery and smooth operations – How automating the process and facilities would help in achieving these main bottlenecks in the business

Movement of goods in the warehousing facility, storage and retrieval of packets are key challenges faced by any facility operator. What are the latest solutions that are on offer to reduce pressure from this area? How automating key operational tasks could help you with an efficient and profitable business operations?

• Mr. Umesh Madhyan – National Head Infra & Supply Chain – RTM – Hindustan Coca Cola
• Mr. Rajul Jain – VP Supply Chain –

• Mr. Amit Kumar – Supply Chain – Amway India Enterprise
13:00 Networking lunch
14:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: Creating opportunities for higher operational efficiency with proposed GST changes

GST is just a matter of time now. It requires drastic changes in regulatory and policy framework but will also require basic changes in the way we do business today. How to recreate and restructure a supply chain network around GST for higher efficiency?
What are the new avenues for growing business under the ambit of GST?

• Mr. Bhavyassh Agarwaal – Director – KargaIndia Roadways Pvt. Ltd.
• Mr. Prahlad Tanwar – Director Transport & Logistics – KPMG
14:45 PANEL DISCUSSION: Match the gap between client’s expectation and service provider’s challenges to make a conducive business environment

Mapping the gap between the client’s expectation from the service provider and what are the barriers for the 3PL company to deliver as per the expectation? What initiatives can be taken from both sides to bridge the gap and create a smooth run for supply chain process?

15:30 Networking Coffee and proceed to Spritiz Café for closing session
16:00 EXPERTS TALK (PANEL DISCUSSION): “I have land and I want to open a warehouse”
– Lets address this most common question from a Start-UP @ Spiritz Cafe

After all discussions on how to improvise existing business and grow it further, there is hardly any discussion on the potential start-ups in this sector. For the first time ever, this very common topic but the least discussed one would be part of the program of this conference. A renowned industry consultant would address the audience on the launch plan for this sector, challenges, opportunities for start-ups and how to set up a successful business model.
Closing remarks

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